Young surgeons can get ahead early with these practice outreach efforts

YPS Perspective
01/16/2012 at 10:00AM

YPS Perspective

Marketing expert Dana Fox has compiled practice management pearls of wisdom that are designed to assist young plastic surgeons who are about to enter - or have recently entered - a private plastic surgery practice. Fox provides the following suggestions and positions:

• Understanding how to market your practice ultimately means understanding two things: what sets you apart from your colleagues, and what sets you apart that patients care about.

• Be truthful, don't make claims that aren't attainable and be respectful of your patients. Aside from this, be as creative as you can afford to be, and get out there so plastic surgeons will at least be listed on the "menu."

• Particularly where plastic surgery is concerned, it's important to reach people on a gut level. Of course, they care most about your ability, but prospective patients also make decisions based on intangibles and feelings.

• Don't spend a nickel on marketing until you've developed a great consultation process.

• There is no logo, no tag line, no color pallet, no imagery strong enough to overcome flaws in a practice itself.

• Decide who you want to lead the brand-building process, but do not completely delegate it to anyone else.

• The hardest thing to achieve is believability. A cynical public is always ready not to believe what you say.

• On average, five times as many people will read the headline rather than the full text.

• When writing anything, never go on about a topic too much - it kills interest every time.

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