Why hold a benefit concert at the annual meeting?

By Michael Costelloe, JD, ASPS Executive Vice President
08/30/2012 at 2:30PM
Michael CostelloeYou've probably noticed by now that we've replaced the traditional Monday night Presidential Dinner Dance held during the Annual Meeting with a charity dinner and benefit concert featuring singer-songwriter Jewel. Why are we doing this? What is the Breast Reconstruction Awareness Fund? And why are we asking you to contribute $250 per person to attend and support this event?

Here's why:

  • Breast reconstruction awareness is a genuine social issue that affects women who are diagnosed with breast cancer in this country. Study after study shows that, even in this day and age, seven out of 10 women are not being adequately informed about their reconstruction options. As a surgical specialty deeply concerned about these women, we can and should do something about this.
  • Teaming up with a nationally known and well-respected performer such as Jewel helps to focus the public's attention on the breast reconstruction awareness issue. Jewel has a proven track record as an advocate for breast reconstruction, having delivered more than 12 million online petition signatures to Washington in 2006 to urge Congress to pass the bipartisan Breast Cancer Protection Act of 2005. Her history with this issue makes her the perfect national spokesperson for Breast Reconstruction Awareness on behalf of ASPS.
  • The public needs to better understand that plastic surgeons are vital members of the breast cancer care team - and that reconstruction is an important and often overlooked piece of the care cycle. Women need to know to ask their oncologists or their general surgeons about breast reconstruction. Yours is the specialty that offers this surgical option - and people need to know that. Jewel will help us deliver the message to the public.
  • The Breast Reconstruction Awareness campaign is providing organized plastic surgery the opportunity to create relationships with community-based charitable groups across the United States that have, until now, been working in isolation to help breast cancer patients. The Oct. 17 Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day (BRA Day) USA campaign, organized by ASPS, is providing a national network for these organizations - so that they can hold local events and raise funds with the support of our entire national organization. We provide advertising, media and other public relations capabilities to support the cause.
  • Your Foundation - The PSF - needs to raise money for research beyond what the generosity of ASPS members are able to provide. Teaming with Jewel and other organizations helps us to open doors to corporations and foundations that we've never before worked with - and expands our possibilities for fundraising.

Your Society's leadership and executive team believe that the Jewel benefit concert in New Orleans, along with the ongoing Breast Reconstruction Awareness campaign, will be a watershed event for the Society and the specialty. These efforts will help put plastic surgery in a prominent place on the national stage... And with just the right lighting and score.

Jewel enthusiastically supports this patients' cause and is willing to put her
reputation behind it. All we need to do is be there when she performs at our meeting for the benefit of The Breast Reconstruction Awareness Fund of The Plastic Surgery Foundation.

Don't allow yourself to miss it.

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