Women Plastic Surgeons to focus on finance in Las Vegas

Julie Neuleib
11/20/2012 at 11:00AM

The Women Plastic Surgeons Steering Committee will host a retreat Jan. 26-27 in conjunction with Expanding Horizons: New Paradigms in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas. This symposium will focus on finance and investment.

The retreat, slated to be held at THEhotel at Mandalay Bay, will feature keynote speaker Manisha Thakor (pictured) – personal finance expert, author and MoneyZen Wealth Management founder and CEO. Thakor will offer strategies for managing personal finances and investments.

"Taking time to learn more about your money is one investment that never fails," Thakor says. "Just like your health, no one else will ever care as much about your money as you do. The more you understand, the more effectively you can work with trusted advisors."

The program kicks-off Saturday, Jan. 26, with a group networking event and dinner. The following day, registrants can attend six hours of educational programming - including a lunch-and-learn session with My Body LLC.

During the weekend event, Thakor plans to offer the following sessions:

Know Your Worth: Maximizing Your Money, Your Life
This session will cover the essential building blocks of personal finance, including the  five items that typically consume 50 percent of lifetime income (and what healthy spending really looks like); the three most common savings myths - busted; and the importance of your credit score and how to maintain and improve it.

This session will also cover the key types of personal insurance coverages to have (and what not to have), as well as what every woman needs to know about retirement planning.

Invest Like the Best: Simple Strategies for Powerful Results
Thakor will cover the key questions that surround the investment process, including a review of the current investment landscape; the three most important drivers of long-term investment success; primary investment options for physicians (and how to pick the mix that's right for that physician); the five most common investment mistakes; and what you can realistically spend in retirement.

Get Financially Naked: How to Talk Money With Your Honey
This session will cover one of the most problematic areas in personal finance: how to actually talk about money with a spouse, the kids, elderly parents or extended family, and financial professionals (financial advisor, CPA, estate lawyer). The Women Plastic Surgeons Steering Committee will award two scholarships to fund travel for two female residents to attend this retreat. Applications, which are due Nov. 10, can be obtained from www.plasticsurgery.org/WPSretreat.

The Women Plastic Surgeons Steering Committee retreat is open to all ASPS and ASAPS members. A discounted registration fee is available for those attending the Expanding Horizons symposium.

To register or for information, visit plasticsurgery.org/WPSretreat.