ASPS AppBuilder offers practices revolutionary new marketing tool for plastic surgeons

PSN staff
04/04/2013 at 2:00PM

A revolutionary new "app" designed specifically to aid plastic surgery practices in the attraction, retention and education of patients will be released exclusively to ASPS members on April 11. The ASPS AppBuilder has been designed to serve plastic surgeons and their staffs as a practice marketing tool, providing a direct connection with current and prospective patients - who can download it for free.

The ASPS App, which will be listed in the App Store under the title of the physician's choosing, allows the ASPS member to customize the app to complement his or her practice. The ASPS AppBuilder is available in three primary design templates (academic, spa and surgical) and color schemes; provides a catalog of the practice's procedures and allow access to a gallery of photographs.

The ASPS AppBuilder also features the innovative Virtual Surgery Simulator, a tool that allows users to manipulate an image (stock photos or their own) to simulate a plastic surgical outcome. An airbrush tool removes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; a reshape tool allows for the manipulation of body contours to form a new shape; and a clone tool allows for one part of an image to be copied and replaced with another. In addition, the images can be saved and e-mailed. 

The result is a truly innovative tool that allows plastic surgery practices to affordably and effectively create stunning apps for their practices.

Photographs used in the app must be approved by ASPS once they are uploaded (most are approved inside one business day); photos that are approved may not be available for use immediately after the upload.

In order to remove any guesswork concerning the purchase or launch of the ASPS AppBuilder, the Society offers a guide for the quality, quantity, type and specificity of the information that may be included in members' customized apps.

The ASPS AppBuilder is available in two pricing options:

■    ASPS Practice Marketing App 1-Year Kit: $2,498, which includes the $1,999 one-time AppBuilder fee, and one year of hosting, maintenance and support ($499)
■    ASPS Practice Marketing App 3-Year Kit: $3,348, which includes the $1,999 one-time AppBuilder fee, and three years of hosting, maintenance and support ($1,349 over three years, a $148 savings)

For more information or to purchase the ASPS App beginning April 11, go to the App Store or visit